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Technology has slowly but surely made our life more convenient than ever. The smarter our home and workspace are becoming, the more productive we can be in our life. And if we are looking for a technology that truly makes your home smart, then google home will be on top of that list.

What is Google Home for PC?

Google Home app for PC is a one-stop app solution for all your google Nest, Google Wi-Fi, Google Home, and Chromecast devices. You can control, set up, manage all your flagship google home devices and also smart devices that offer google assistant support with this app.

Some of the most popular third-party compatible devices are, lights, cameras, thermostats, fans, soundbox. You can get more out of your smart home devices with the app working on your computer. The app will also show you the status within your home and can be used to see a recap of any past events.

Sadly to say, unfortunately, the Google Home app is not available for PC/laptop. It’s only supported on Android and iPhone devices.

Bad luck for those who want to use the Google Home app “control center” on their desktop PC or laptop. But in this article, we will show you with a solution on how to use Google Home App on desktop using an Android emulator.

Features of Google Home App

Google has been the pioneer in many technological fields, and the google home app is a great example of that. This app offers support for a wide array of smart devices, not just the native googles products. Using the app, you can,

  • Add or manage multiple smart devices like cameras, speakers, lights, or anything else that offers google assistant support.
  • Create a new home.
  • Connect to google smart devices like Nest, chrome casts, Nest cams, Google home.
  • Create calendar events, manage media subscriptions, edit or manage to-do lists and much more.
  • Use as a remote to control all the supported smart devices.
  • Train the google assistant to be more robust according to your preference.
  • Group several speakers into one singular speaker group.

App info of Google Home

Google Home App
App NameGoogle Home
Size57 MB
VersionCurrent Version
Google Play linkGoogle Home
Reviews Rating4.0
DeveloperGoogle LLC

How to Download and Install Google Home for PC?

If you have smart devices in your home, but can not seem to figure out how to set them up, then you have come to the right place. We will be looking at how you can install Google home for your windows PC and use it to its maximum potential.

But the first thing that we should keep in mind is that, google home app does not work in the native windows environment. It only works in the Android environment. And that is why we will be needing an Android emulator on our windows PC to use the google home app.

The emulator of our choice today is BlueStacks, due to its overwhelming amount of downloads, popularity, stellar customer support.

BlueStacks is the first-ever cloud-based android platform, where you can run any android app on your Windows PC.

Using Google Home app on BlueStacks

Here is how you can use google home on your Windows PC using BlueStacks.

Step 1: Download BlueStacks

To start things off, go to the official BlueStacks website. Once the website is loaded, click on the download BlueStacks link on the bottom left side of the webpage. This will automatically start downloading the installation file on your computer.

Step 2: Install BlueStacks

Once the installation file is downloaded, double click on it to install. The BlueStacks software will automatically start after the installation is complete. The time will take to start depends on your hardware and internet speed.

Step 3: Google sign in

bluestacks open google play store

Once BlueStacks is open, you will get a pop-up asking you whether you want to sign in to your google play account. To install the google home app or any other app from the play store, you must sign in here.

Step 4: Download and install google home

Once you have signed in, simply go to the search option on the top and type Google Home on the search bar. Once you see the google home app, simply click on install like you would do on your android smartphone. And you are good to go.

Google home app search play store on BlueStacks emulator

System Requirements to run Bluestacks emulator on your PC:

To run the Bluestacks Android emulators on your pc, then your system should have the below configuration.

Minimum system requirements

BlueStacks 4Minimum requirements for running
OSMicrosoft Windows 7 and above.
ProcessorIntel or AMD Processor
RAMYour PC must have at least 2GB of RAM. (Note that having 2GB or more disk space is not a substitute for RAM)
HDD5GB Free Disk Space.
InternetBroadband connection to access games, accounts and related content.
Others- You must be an Administrator on your PC.
- Up to date graphics drivers from Microsoft or the chipset vendor.

Recommended system requirements

BlueStacks 4Recommended requirements for running
OSMicrosoft Windows 10
ProcessorIntel or AMD Multi-Core Processor with Single Thread PassMark score > 1000. Click on this link to find the single thread Passmark score of your PC's processor.
GraphicsIntel/Nvidia/ATI, Onboard or Discrete controller with PassMark score >= 750. Click on this link to find the Passmark score of your PC's graphics controller.
RAM8GB or higher
HDDSSD (or Fusion/Hybrid Drives)
InternetBroadband connection to access games, accounts and related content.
Others- Please ensure Virtualization is enabled on your PC/Laptop.
- Up to date graphics drivers from Microsoft or the chipset vendor.
- You can install BlueStacks even if you have a virtual machine such as Microsoft Virtual PC, VMWare Workstation, or Oracle Virtualbox, installed on the same PC. However, please note, that you may run into some performance issues.

How To Connect Google Home with Windows PC (Chromecast)?

The great thing about google chrome is it can imitate a lot of the functionalities you will get with your google home app. Although the options are limited, it can do the basic tasks easily. The biggest limitation of using chrome cast is, you can not set up any new google home device using it.

However, you can stream any of your google home or chrome cast devices as long as both your device and computer are connected to the same wifi network.

Google Home app use on Chromebook

If you are using a Chromebook then you are in for a treat. Even though the top-of-the-line windows PC can not run the google home app without an emulator, any Chromebook fully supports the app like a regular android mobile.

To start things off,

  • Go to the settings of your Chromebook.
  • Go to Apps and click on google play store.
  • Click on turn on.

Once the google play store is turned on, simply go to the play store on your chrome book and download the google home app. Once downloaded and installed you can simply lunch it on your chrome book and use the google home app to use any of its features.

How To Pair Google Home Mini to Laptop via Bluetooth?

Did you know that you can now easily pair your google home mini with your laptop using Bluetooth connectivity?

Google Assistant can do anything from controlling your music playback to turning on your smart devices, adding a task on your calendar, and much more. With Google home mini, the flagship googles home device, you can get all forms of updates and manage your daily life efficiently and smartly.

But the great news is, you can now connect your google home mini with your laptop and control it using your PC.

To pair your laptop, you need to,

  • Go to your google home and search for the device you want to pair with your laptop.
  • Now enable pairing mode on your Bluetooth devices section
  • Tap on Connect to the office speaker
  • Now go to your laptop and connect to the office speaker via Bluetooth.


1. Is there a Google Home app for PC?

Answer: At this moment, there is no google home app for PC. But you can use an emulator to install the google home app on your Windows PC easily.

2. How do I install Google Home on Windows 10?


To install google home on your Windows 10, follow the simple steps below.

  • Open the browser on your computer.
  • Go to the official BlueStacks website.
  • Download and install BlueStacks.
  • Sign in to your google play account
  • Download and run the google home app from the emulator on your computer.

3. How do I cast chrome from my computer?


To cast a tab from your chrome browser,

  • Turn on your computer and open chrome.
  • At the top right corner, click on more > cast.
  • Now choose the Chromecast device you want to use.
  • Once you are done setting up, click on cast to start watching the content on your tab.

Final Words

This ends our today’s discussion on how to use the google home app for PC. There is no denying that using an android mobile is the best way to use your google home. But with the help of an emulator and the other tips shared above, you can take full advantage of the google home app on your Windows PC.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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